Vision Therapy

Does your child have blurry vision? Have trouble concentrating while reading? Rub his or her eyes after using the computer?

1 in 4 children with reading difficulties has an underlying vision problem!  Sometimes it is correctable with eyeglasses often times it is not. Symptoms such as eye strain and slow reading performance can be related to poor "eye teaming skills".

With greater demand placed on our children's vision with the early use of computers it is important that they have clear and comfortable vision. Your child's visual performance skills can be greatly improved by the implementation of Vision Therapy. This form of treatment is physical therapy for the eyes and brain. It helps improve visual endurance and even changes how a patient processes or interprets visual information received by the brain. Many patients who experience vision problems have been told "their eyes are fine" because they can see the 20/20 line on the eye chart. However, seeing "20/20" is only one component of our visual system. How well our eyes work together is equally important in achieving clear and comfortable vision. Although vision therapy is not a direct treatment for learning disabilities, it is specifically directed toward resolving visual problems which directly impact ones ability to read comfortably and efficiently.

What is involved in vision therapy?

  • The first step to a successful Vision Therapy program is a Comprehensive Vision Exam
  • Dr. Shores and Dr. Coughlin perform three "Sensory Motor Evaluation" of the patient's visual system
  • A customized program of procedures is prescribed from the data collected
  • Therapy sessions are implemented by the Vision Therapist
  • Vision Therapy sessions are conducted in-office once or twice weekly and last 30-60 minutes per session
  • Supplemental "home work" is prescribed as reinforcement to the in-office procedures

Vision Therapy is NOT to be confused with any self-help program of "eye exercises" marketed to the public. Vision Therapy consists of a supervised treatment plan implemented by professionals, and is based on scientific facts and proven methods to increase visual performance.

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